Operation Divinity

  • Brockton’s Operation Divinity is a collaboration between the police, and faith-based leaders in the community, and clinical social workers. Once a week, on tuesday nights, they visit the homes youth who have been identified by a school, youth agency, faith-based or concerned individuals as a child exhibiting at-risk or truant behavious to offer guidance, support, referrals to services, etc.



Project Lifesaver

  • Project Lifesaver is a cooperative effort between the Brockton Police Department and the Brockton Council on Aging TRIAD/SALT Councils to provide free radio tracking devices to familiess of Alzheimer’s Victims and families with autistic children; that are at risk of wandering from home and getting lost.


Brockton PD out in the Community

  • BPD officers out in the community with you. Helping, caring, and showing people that they aren’t just a badge and a blue uniform.
  • Feel free to email photographs of our officers out in the community and we will do our best to add them to the page.