Car Seat Safety Program

  • Need assistance installing your car seat? Contact our Records Division to make an appointment to have one of our technicians properly install the seat for you. Appointments available on Wednesday night from 4pm-7pm at Brockton Police Department 7 Commercial Street, walk-in’s welcome, appointments take priority
  • (508) 987-5208 or


Child Witness to Violence

  • The Brockton Area Child Witness to Violence Project is a collaboration of various community agencies invester in the safety and well-being of our children. With its established partnerships, the Brockton Police Department identifies children who have witnessed violence in the home and/or community and strive to provide them with the appropriate services. Our goal is to reduce the impact that such violence can have on children and families.


G.R.E.A.T. Families Program

  • G.R.E.A.T. Families is a research-based, family-strengthening program. This six session G.R.E.A.T. Families Curriculum enables parents and children ages 10-14 to foster positive family functions through group interaction, activities, and skills practice. Child care is available, by the sponsoring agency, for younger children of participating families.
  • (508) 897-5377 or


  • In an effort to promote our prevention message we educate adults on the same addictions and destructive behaviors. Our goal is to increase awareness of the challenges kids face, provide information and offer resources to support the success of students, families and educators.
  • (508) 897-5377 or


Operation Divinity

  • Brockton’s Operation Divinity is a collaboration between the police, and faith-based leaders in the community, and clinical social workers. Once a week, on tuesday nights, they visit the homes youth who have been identified by a school, youth agency, faith-based or concerned individuals as a child exhibiting at-risk or truant behavious to offer guidance, support, referrals to services, etc.



Project Lifesaver

  • Project Lifesaver is a cooperative effort between the Brockton Police Department and the Brockton Council on Aging TRIAD/SALT Councils to provide free radio tracking devices to familiess of Alzheimer’s Victims and families with autistic children; that are at risk of wandering from home and getting lost.


Brockton PD out in the Community

  • BPD officers out in the community with you. Helping, caring, and showing people that they aren’t just a badge and a blue uniform.
  • Feel free to email photographs of our officers out in the community and we will do our best to add them to the page.